Hull Friends of the Earth

Garden Waste Collection

What areas did the scheme cover?

The Avenues (including Ella Street) and Newland Park.

How did the scheme work?

You bought our tags (35p each, in 2007) from:

  • Avenews in Salisbury Street
  • Clements News in Princes Avenue
  • Grain Wholefoods in Newland Avenue
  • Recycling Unlimited in Newland Avenue

These are the rules we asked people to follow: "Put your garden waste into bin liners. If it's difficult to put the waste into a bin liner, tie it into manageable bundles. Then attach a tag to each bag or bundle, and leave them on the verge, ready for collection by our ex-milk float on Mondays (not bank holidays), by 8.30 am."

If we can't lift it we won't shift it!

We have to lift the bags up to at least shoulder height to get them packed into the milk float. Please don't make the bags too heavy. Imagine you're having to lift the bag above your head - that should give you some idea of how heavy each bag should be.