Hull Friends of the Earth

Making the bins

First Day - Collecting the pallets: 4 June 2004
All the materials for the bins are collected from firms with their permission, and are recycled. Pallets come from BUNZL, Floors2Go, and ADS Systems (all in or near Sutton Fields). Twine comes from Kingston Communications on Clough Road
Second Day - Constructing the first bin: 5 June 2004 plus some steps down to the area (so we don't have to negotiate the hardcore).
Third Day - The first trial of the new system: 7 June 2004
We started by collecting more pallets and built a second bin plus a smaller one to hold material unsuitable for composting. We collected 180 bags of garden waste from Newland Park and the Avenues. The material from all these bags went into the bins.
Fourth Day - Monday 14 June
The third bin was built. We covered the bins with carpet and tarpaulin to encourage the material to heat up, and put any thick branches into the reserve bin.