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Recycling our log pile


The A Team and the Green Team

Thanks to Hull City Council's waste disposal
and Parks collection teams

Left to right: Sean, Mike, Ricky, Dan, and Kev

17 January 2005 We try to compost all the waste we collect, but we have accumulated a large amount of wood that is too big to compost, and is better shredded for mulch (our wildlife garden or the Yorkshire Wildlife Trust take some of the very large logs) for use as wildlife habitats.

As our shredder has been unreliable for so long, we asked Hull Council's Doug Sharp if there was any chance the council could send a vehicle to collect the material. He said he would see what he could do - soon after, Mike Ward (Recycling Operations Manager) organised a team to come and collect it!

They arrived early today - but their vehicle couldn't get onto the site because a parked car was in the way of the entrance gates. Nothing daunted, Sean organised a smaller vehicle to help. This was the Green Team (normally they do tree felling and maintenance). Mike drove their truck onto the site with no problems - even reversing round a very tight corner to get nearer to our logpile.

They loaded the small truck and then emptied it into the big truck, which was waiting outside in Manvers Street. It took two goes to clear our logpile completely.

Thank you to both teams for your hard work and good humour.

Chrys and Mark
Hull Friends of the Earth